December 01, 2017

Double Senators

Hello again!

My Ideal Ottawa Senators:
For my ideal concept, I returned the Senators to a black home jersey, used their updated 2D logo as the primary, and put two sets of stripes on the sleeves (and socks).

New Look Ottawa Senators:
I also had this idea for a modern barber-pole pattern, using red and fading black stripes.  Those stripes are limited to a sleeve-length yoke on the white jersey, and I used the same logos as the previous concept (updated 2D logo on the front and the old peace tower logo on the shoulders).

Thanks for stopping by!

November 24, 2017

Double Bruins

Hey, happy Black Friday everybody!

My Ideal Boston Bruins:
My favourite Bruins jerseys are their 1967-74 set, which this concept is mostly based off of.  I did make a few small changes though, including adding serifs to the logo, and using their current name and number font.

New Look Boston Bruins:
I then wanted to try a concept using brown and gold (not yellow), so I made this.  For the primary logo I used their B on its own, and I kept the striping pattern fairly simple.

Have a nice weekend!

November 05, 2017

Team Canada Flashback and a New Blog

Welcome back folks!  I've got a Team Canada concept to share today, and then a quick announcement about a second blog I've created.

Team Canada:
Back in September 2013, Chris from Icethetics received a tip that Canada's 2014 Olympic team would have a black third jersey (along with a brief description of the jersey).  He then asked me to create a mock-up/prediction based off of that description.  In the end my mock-up (which you can see below) wasn't that close.  Nevertheless, I've brought back that design (with some updates) and turned it into the set of jerseys seen above.

And here was my original mock-up...
As you can see, it was a bit different from their actual third jersey.

Meanwhile, I've created a new blog called Snapshots with Steven.
The purpose of Snapshots with Steven is to use photos to help tell stories about interesting experiences.  The first post is all about the August 2017 total solar eclipse, both the good (the eclipse itself), and the bad (the gridlock afterwards).  Go check it out, and let me know what you think!

See you later!

October 12, 2017

Double Lightning

As promised, I'm back with a new concept for my NHL Double Series.

My Ideal Tampa Bay Lightning:
My "Ideal" concept is based off of the Lightning's current look but with a few changes, including adding contrasting yokes, using a brighter blue, removing any black, and (most importantly) bringing back the victory stripes.

New Look Tampa Bay Lightning:
The sleeves of my second concept feature a lightning bolt design, which connects to form a contrasting name-plate on the back of the jersey.  I also experimented with navy blue instead of royal blue, and used the circular bolt from their roundel as the primary logo.  The name and number fonts are the same on both concepts, as they seemed to fit both concepts well.

Have a good day!

October 08, 2017

62 Team Templates

Hello, and happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

As you can see in the above image, I've now made templates for all 62 home and road NHL Adidas jerseys.  They can all be found on the main Templates page.  Specialty jerseys, like the Toronto Arenas throwback (and any outdoor game jerseys), will come at a later date

Also, I've switched to a different image hosting site for all the template images.  With the former site they seemed to be losing some details (especially within the NHL shield in the collar, and sometimes with the collar laces), but that all should be fixed now.

Next up I'm going to get back to my NHL Double series, so I should have a concept to share on here fairly soon.