January 31, 2017

Double Blackhawks

Howdy folks!

My Ideal Chicago Blackhawks:
The only modification I made here was adding laces to the collars.  Their current jerseys are probably my favourite set in the NHL, hence the lack of changes.

New Look Chicago Blackhawks:
This concept started with just the idea of red pants with a black jersey.  I tried to make the road jersey fit with the red pants as well, but then decided two pairs of pants was the best option.  The striping pattern of the jerseys is somewhat inspired by their jerseys from the 1940's.  The primary logo uses their old roundel but without the outer ring, just to try something different.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

January 08, 2017

Double Canucks

Hello again!

My Ideal Vancouver Canucks:
The Canucks are my favourite team, so I've thought a lot about their uniforms.  If it were up to me, I'd stick with their current striping pattern (but slightly tweaking the thickness of the some stripes), then I'd promote Johnny Canuck to the primary logo, switch to a block font, and add green to the collars.

New Look Vancouver Canucks:
My more experimental concept uses the two shades of blue from the Canucks 1997-2007 jerseys, a striping pattern somewhat influenced by their infamous "Flying-V" jerseys, and Johnny Canuck once again as the primary logo.

Good day!

January 01, 2017

Templates Added

Happy New Year!

This is just a quick update to say I've added the templates for the Centennial Classic and Stadium Series jerseys, which means the Templates page is once again up to date.

By the way, I probably won't continue to update these templates once the NHL switches to Adidas next year.  It will depend on how drastic the changes are, if the changes are minor (like if they just switch the Reebok logo for the Adidas logo) then I might keep updating these templates, but if the changes are major then I likely won't.

Thanks for stopping by!

December 26, 2016

Stadium Series

Happy Boxing Day!  Here's a Stadium Series concept.

2017 Stadium Series:
You might recognize the design of the Flyers jersey, as it's basically just a recoloured version of my "New Look" Flyers concept.  The Penguins jersey is based off of an old concept of mine as well, but that concept is from way back in 2013.

Also, I hope to get back to my NHL Double Series soon (I already have ideas for a couple of teams).

That is all!

November 06, 2016

Template Update

Hello!  I've made a slight change to my Combo template (which I'm now calling the Combo2 template).  The arms are now a couple of pixels shorter overall and a few pixels thicker towards the body.

I've also added to the Templates page all the new team jerseys that were introduced this season, and I will add any other jerseys (Winter Classic, etc) after they're made official.

See you later!