June 19, 2017

Double Ducks

Hey there!  It's been a while (sorry about that), but I'm finally back with a new set of concepts for my NHL Double Series.

My Ideal Anaheim Ducks:
This may be unpopular, but my ideal Ducks logo is their current primary (not the beloved Mighty Duck mask).  I also went with their current number font and colour scheme, and then used a striping pattern which combines their different eras.

New Look Anaheim Ducks:
I also wanted to try the Ducks in a double green and orange colour scheme, so that's what I did here.  Their Mighty Duck logo returns as the primary logo, although it's now on top of a chest stripe (otherwise the green triangle blended into the green jersey too much).

Thanks for visiting, and have a happy NHL-jersey-unveiling-day tomorrow!

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