Below is an Adidas Adizero version of my Combo template, which I'm calling the Adizero Combo template ("Combo" because it's a combination of the templates from SportsLogos.Net and NHLUniforms.com).

The Reebok Edge version of this template can now be found on this page here.

I've also made an Adizero version of the SportsLogos.Net template, which can be found on a third page here.

Standard Blank Template


Additional Blank Templates
With Hem Stripe Line
With Arm-Stripe Position Highlighted
With Rounded Yoke
With Standard Yoke Outline
With Thicker Yoke Outline
With Sleeve-Length-Yoke (Different Stitching on Back of Arms)

The "Team Templates" section is still a work in progress (22 of 31 teams completed so far).  The templates for the rest of the teams will be added as I complete them, I don't know how long that will take.

Colours are from ColorWerx.net.

Team Templates

Feel free to use these templates for any purpose, you can even post them on your own website if you want to.