This template (which I'm calling the Combo template) is a combination of the Reebok Edge template from the Paint Users Paradise thread on SportsLogos.Net, and the Reebok Edge template used on NHLUniforms.com.  The colours are from ColorWerx.

Update (Nov. 4/2016):  I've made a slight change to the shape of the arms on this template.  They're now a couple of pixels shorter overall and a few pixels thicker near the armpit.  To reflect this change I've renamed the template the Combo2 template (I'm not good with names).

Standard Blank Template

2016-17 NHL Team Templates

Retired Team Templates

Additional Blank Templates
Standard Cut (With Hem Stripe Line)
Standard Cut (With Normal Yoke Outline)
Standard Cut (With Thicker Yoke Outline)
Square Yoke Cut
Sleeve Length Yoke Cut (No Outline)
Sleeve Length Yoke Cut (With Outline)
Sleeve Length Yoke Cut (With Thicker Outline)
Sleeve Length Yoke Cut (With Double Outline)
Modern Cut (Version 1)
Modern Cut (Version 2)
Modern Cut (Version 3)

Additional Collars